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Wall Tents Calgary

Wall Tents Calgary

A Wall tent is a type of tent with four long vertical wall surfaces that allow more clearance than standard pyramid-shaped camping tents; it is commonly used for recreational activities such as hunting, trekking, boating, and mountaineering. They come in a variety of forms and sizes and can be used for any outdoor activities, whether on the ground or up. Many people choose to use them for a variety of different reasons. Let’s take a look at the benefits they offer.


When natural materials such as lodgepoles or similar poles are used for framing, canvas wall tents can be built anywhere. They can also withstand almost anything thrown at you, including heavy snow loads. Although most high-quality wall tents constructed of double-fill cotton fabric can endure rain and snow, a lightweight, simple plastic sheet allows snow to roll down the roof while keeping it dry.


Custom wall tents constructed of cotton cloth can be used in hot and cold conditions. These tents are often white, allowing light to pass through the fabric and create a lovely daytime ambiance. The white tent is also cooler than a dark tent, and with full-zippered doors, you can tighten up the tenth during warmth and open it up for cooling during the day.

Because most canvas wall tents do not have floors, you can use a woodstove without fear of burning the tent floor. If you’ve ever hunted in rain or snow, you’ve experienced mud and snow being tracked inside your tent. Snow and mud can be knocked off your boots at the front of the tent by the stove because there is no floor.


When discussing the advantages of custom-made wall tents, it is also important to mention their portability. Wall tents are useful because they provide the highest protection of any outdoor shelter while being movable. In addition, because it is lightweight and compresses to a manageable size, your wall tent, like other tents, can be taken almost anyplace. Not to mention how simple they are to set up. In certain situations, even by a single person.


The interior of canvas wall tents is often humidity-adjusted, keeping you comfortable and dry no matter the weather. Built-in screen doors and windows, roll-up side walls, a detachable floor, and integrated ventilation enhance this.

Protection from the Elements

We wall tents are made from quality materials that can last longer, and, as a result, they perform better in adverse weather. Canvas wall tents are, for all intents and purposes, four-season tents. They are often heavy-duty and durable as well. Together, these two features ensure resistance to rain, wind, and heavy snow.

Wall Tents Calgary

Our wall tents for sale are designed and manufactured by experts. Each tent we sell at Airdrie Canvas has been built and tested to resist the elements while providing optimum camp comfort and convenience. So, allow a tent-making industry leader to gear you for the great outdoors. You can also contact us for more information about wall tents Calgary.

Wall Tents Calgary

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