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RV Awning Vancouver

RV Awning Vancouver

There’s no doubt that when you travel in an RV, you want to do so in comfort and luxury. An RV retractable awning is one of the best investments an RV owner can make, especially if they prefer camping in one location for extended periods. The right RV awning can be an excellent addition to your RV. It will not only protect your motorhome from the elements, but it will also assist you in creating the ideal outdoor spot for picnics and other activities. Today, we’ll show you everything you need to know about selecting the best retractable RV awning Vancouver.

The Difference Between Retractable and Standard Awnings

While both attempt to shield their users from the elements and give a nice shady location to rest in, there are some distinctions between a retractable RV retractable awning and standard awnings. Awnings that collapse and fold into the RV are great for frequent travelers. In contrast, retractable awnings are designed to be a more permanent structure, making them ideal for folks who park an RV and live in it for months at a time.

While this means they’re less mobile, they’re stronger and built of more durable materials like hard plastic or fiberglass. This increases their lifespan and makes them more resistant to adverse weather conditions such as snow, hail, and intense heat.

Acrylic or Vinyl Awning

You can select between vinyl and an acrylic awning depending on where and how frequently you camp. Because vinyl is a non-breathable substance, it is waterproof. This works well on rainy days but not so well on hot days. A vinyl awning restricts airflow. However, because of the vinyl fabric, these awnings are quite robust and durable if properly cared for.

Acrylic awnings, however, allow for more ventilation due to the lightweight, breathable fabric. This cloth is ideal if you frequently camp in hot weather. However, acrylic is not as sturdy as vinyl. Because acrylic awnings are not waterproof, they must be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew.

How to Choose the Perfect RV Awning Size

Regarding retractable RV awnings, one size does not suit all. To begin, measure the length of your RV, as it is advised that your awning cover one-third to one-half of the length of your RV. Standard sizes are measured in meters and include 2, 3, 4, and 5 m. You’ll also want to examine the awning’s inclination and whether or not the awning’s placement would impede things like entrances or windows.

If you already have an RV awning and want to replace it with a retractable version, you can start by measuring the dimensions of your current awning. The best method is to measure the length of the roller tube on the awning.

Where to Get an RV Awning Vancouver

There are numerous RV awnings manufacturers out there that can help you create an RV awning from scratch or simply replace your existing awning with one. Airdrie Canvas offers RV awnings that are designed to improve RVers’ outdoor lifestyle and camping experience. We make awning repair and awning installation in Vancouver simple. Our premium line has been extensively tested to survive any adventure and is universally compatible with other major RV brands.

RV Awning Vancouver

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