Slow Feeders


Simulating a more natural method of “grazing” the slow hay feeder can result in the horse taking hours to consume a few flakes. Not only does this help you feed less, but it helps to manage boredom and boredom associated vices, like cribbing and fence or tree chewing. Slow feeders reduce feed-related anxiety in horses that are on restricted diets. Because they can take hours to eat a few flakes, they do not feel like they are being starved to death. The use of a slow feeder in your sacrifice paddock or stall reduces waste as the horse cannot paw through the hay (then drag it around to ultimately poop on it) and will eat all of it, even the little chaff at the bottom.

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1 1/2" Mesh 1/2 Bale Hanging Bag, 1 1/2" Mesh 2 String Bale, 1 1/2" Mesh Round Bale, 1" Mesh 1/2 Bale Hanging Bag, 2" Mesh Round Bale


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