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Are RV Skirts Useful To Have During The Winter?

Using an RV in winter is becoming popular in colder climates. With less crowded campgrounds and a new environment to explore, winter RVing can be an exciting, albeit cold, vacation for anyone. But with a new atmosphere to explore in an RV comes the inevitable questions that follow: Is using RV skirting recommended or even helpful to have when camping during the winter months? Although it may surprise some campers, RV skirting can be used in winter and is incredibly useful in retaining heat within your RV and protecting its plumbing, among other beneficial elements. 

Find out all about how to properly apply RV skirts during your winter camping trips for protecting and insulating your RV and what type of skirting will work best for your RV.

What Is RV Skirting?

An RV skirt is a material that is placed around the lower half of any motor home or trailer. It is typically installed as a protection measure against weather extremities. RV skirting can help insulate and trap heat in an RV, maintaining a comfortable temperature as the outside temperatures drop. Because an RV skirt has the innate ability to retain the heat, it is a crucial accessory during the winter months. You can purchase a generally fitted skirt for an RV at any tarp store, spend a bit more on customized skirting, or create your own RV skirting.

The Benefits Of RV Skirting In Winter

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RV skirting is often deemed as a must-have for campers, and for a good reason. Because the skirting covers the lower half of the RV, it can keep small animals from getting into the RV, which can be crucial during the winter when small animals, like mice, are often seeking shelter. Further, the skirting can significantly reduce energy costs as the skirt will keep the heat from escaping, ensuring that you’ll use your heating system less and keep your heating bills down. RV experts say RV skirting installation can also keep your pipes from freezing during the winter because it protects its underside. 

What to use for winter RV skirting

There are some popular and versatile materials that you can use when installing your RV skirt. These materials will all prove to be helpful when you want to vacation in your RV during the cold winter months when frequent weather extremities can occur. Some of these materials that will make your RV winter-ready include:

  • Plywood: Plywood can come in handy when you’re rushing to go on your desired winter camping trip and have had no time to purchase a proper RV skirt. Plywood can be a durable material to use and pretty simplistic to install as well. 
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is one of the most popular materials to use when preparing your winter RV skirting. It can be an effective material to use to protect the bottom of your RV from sustaining damages from extreme winter weather. 
  • Foam for insulation: Foam beds are an affordable material that can effectively insulate your RV to help keep you warm during your winter camping trips. Utilizing this material with another to build your own customizable skirt can be an inexpensive method to ensure your RV reaps all of the benefits that RV skirts offer. 

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