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We offer quality/custom fit boat tarps/covers

CALL US: 403-945-0732


We can provide you with the ideal boat tarp for both storage and transportation. We have model specific boat tarps, to give you a custom fit every time.

Only quality materials and workmanship go into the production of our tarps. Marine Finish Canvas or Solution Dyed Polyester, the fabric and color choice is yours.


Careful attention to details such as: wear points, reinforcing, protective tie down flaps, double stitched seams, generous overhang protection, attached motor covers and heavy duty web loops are all design features to protect your boating investment.


Giving your investment a much longer life and saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run!


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you travel with the cover on at highway speeds?

Yes, your tarp must be tied down properly. By pulling the stern draw cord extremely tight. Then attach a good quality rubber strap, tensioned extremely tight to every tie down flap. (* Do NOT use bungee/shock cord *).  This should ensure minimal movement when traveling.


Is the Fabric Waterproof?

Both lines of fabrics are factory impregnated with a water-repellent solution. The special thread that is used eventually swells and seals all needle holes.


Is the Fabric Breathable?

The Marine Canvas and the Polyester fabric offer excellent breathability, allowing for proper evaporation of humidity.


Is the Cover Reinforced?

Covers are reinforcement to the underside of the cover at all possible factory installed wear points. Items added or changed on your boat may require additional reinforcement.


How Long Does the Cover Last?

There are many different factors that determine the life expectancy of our boat tarps; more or less depending on how you take care of your cover. Examples of things that can affect the life of your cover are, tree sap, bird droppings, and standing or pooling of water for extended periods of time.


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